lorelei day 1

What a first day.  We got here yesterday afternoon, un-packed and got re-familiarized with all the “stuff” at the house – then headed out for a sunset dinner at Lorelei.  Hard to describe how great that felt.  Being here again with my kids and watching them fall back into the “groove” of this place.

Today the neighbor at the house next door came over to say “hi” while we were cleaning off the boat from fishing in the morning and she said “you guys are here early this year”.  That was kinda neat that even the next door neighbor remembers us.  We’ve rented this same house for six years running now and what she said next really blew me away.  She said “its been really neat watching your kids grow up.”  Yeah, I know what you mean…


Then today, wow, we really started out with a bang.  First we went to our “snapper hole” where we found the fish and proceeded to catch more than we could count.  Well, actually, Michael and I caught more than we cared to count.  Allison, who brought a little notebook with her, has decided she is going to log every fish she catches each day so she did count.  She got 25 snapper, six grunts, six pinfish… I dunno, now I’ve lost count but she has them documented in the notebook.  She caught a lot of fish.

Since we’re hear earlier this year we actually get a chance to catch the tail end of tarpon season and boy did we.  We decided to give it a try this evening even though the tide wasn’t exactly right and it worked out.  Michael hooked into his first ever tarpon and it was, honestly, one of the largest I’ve ever been a part of hooking up.  I’ve seen a lot of them over the past twenty years here and this was an absolute MONSTER.


tarpon sunset

He fought it for two and a half hours through the sunset and into the night but, in the end, it was just too big for our tackle (20lb test boat rods).  We cranked down the drag as much as we could but we just couldn’t stop the fish even after that long of a fight and he broke off right at the boat.  I was heartbroken at the time for Michael but, now that a bit of time has passed (a couple hours) we all actually feel really good about it.  I think Michael did a fantastic job working the fish and there was just nothing else we could have done.   If we get another shot at one of these beauties, we’ll both be happy if it is only about an 80lber Smile.

All in all, an extremely successful first day here in paradise.

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