Welcome to our new website.  I hope to keep this up to date a little more regularly than the old one…of course, that’s not setting the bar very high ;).

Anyway, I will be creating new sections on here over the next few days.  There will be an area for Michael and Allison and the home page (right here) will show recent updates.  I’ll also have links to our photos and our travel blog from our big “Out in the World” trip we took this past summer.

Thanks for stopping by.  So you’ll stay up to date, there is a subscription system that will send you an email whenever we update anything out here.   Family members – I’ve added your subscriptions already so you don’t have to do anything except let me know if you want off the list.  If there’s someone out there reading this that would also like to be added, shoot me an email or leave a comment on this post and I’ll sign you up.

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