Virginia Creepers


Allison’s Indian Princess tribe decided to forego the fall “Longhouse” organized campout this year and, instead, do our own outing.  We chose to drive up to the Virginia Creeper Trail – a 36-mile long bike path over an old railroad bed through the Appalachian mountains.  We did about 20 miles of it in around 3 hours and It was awesome. 

DSC_0978DSC_0969 DSC_1010

All the girls did very well.  There were a few spills and skinned knees but everyone got to the end intact and not too much worse for the wear.  For our reward, we then spent the night in the Martha Washington Inn and Spa in Abingdon Virginia.  We were treated to late-night swimming and hot tubbing and a hot breakfast in the dining room the next morning.


We may never be able to get the girls to go back to one of the real campouts…

More pictures can be viewed here.

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