20130802_135508_Anglers Way

The past couple of days have been very calm.  We watch the news each day and see that the mainland is getting pummeled with thunderstorms and wind but we are eerily calm down here and no rain so far.  It is hot, but it has allowed us to get out and do some stuff.

In the past few days we have been to the shark hole, snapper hole, barracuda hole and out on the ocean in search of dolphin (the fish) which we didn’t find but we did stop at Alligator reef for some snorkeling.





Here are some pics:

20130801_142613_W Plaza Del Lago20130801_150355_Sapodilla Dr

20130801_161834_Sapodilla Dr20130801_162124_Sapodilla Dr

20130803_183803_Overseas Hwy

20130802_140133_Overseas Hwy20130802_140958_Overseas Hwy(0)

20130802_142051_Anglers Way



Tomorrow looks to be calm too but we may take a “break from the sun-day”.  We have one more week in paradise.  I’m sure it will fly by.

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