That’s my girl…

So we slept in a little bit in our stopover hotel and didn’t get out until after 9am (with a 5 hour drive still today).  Then, as I’m pulling out of the hotel parking lot I notice in my rearview that the driver side tire on the trailer is warped out in one place – that thing is gonna blow any minute.  So we had to find a tire place and have it replaced.

All that to say we didn’t get to St. George until right at 4pm and then I had to get the boat in the water, drive it to the house and then walk the 1 3/4 miles back to the ramp to get the car.  So, it was 6pm before that was done, but the kids have been dying to go fishing so, off we went for just a little bit.  I ran over to Bob Sykes cut which is a narrow channel through St. George between the bay and Gulf.  I had heard you could catch reds there.  We pulled up in the midst of several boats who looked very bored from catching nothing, got some shrimp on the hooks and put them down.

About five minutes later Allison yells "I’ve got something!" and the fight ensued.  By the time she got this thing (a 10lb+ red over half her length) to the boat (the first time) the other boats were driving by to see what the little fisher-girl had hooked into.  Everyone cheered as I hauled it over the transom.

Michael and I didn’t catch a thing but we didn’t care :).



DSC_0814 DSC_0830

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