That’s My Boy


It’s hard to express how proud I am of Michael right now (and I can feel my Dad grinning from ear to ear).  When he told me this summer he wanted to join JROTC when he went to High School this Fall I wasn’t sure how he would take to it.  Well, he jumped head first and committed himself 100%.  So much so that he was tapped very early by the First Sargent to be the squad commander of all the “Let 1’s” (the first-year cadets) for basic drill team.  He took this responsibility very seriously, practicing his commands as well as his execution for the drill every day for the past six weeks.

Today was the Charlotte Metro Area drill meet where all 20 schools in the district assembled their drill teams from the 4,000+ JROTC cadets and they had to execute a roughly five-minute routine under the scrutiny of several judges.  Michael led his squad out and commanded a nearly flawless execution of their drill – netting them 2nd place for the Squad Basic competition and helping his entire High School to the 2nd place overall honor for the whole district.


His Mother and I are extremely proud but seeing the respect and admiration of his fellow cadets – both those he commanded in his Let 1 squad and his superiors – was really something.  One of the judges came over after their routine and congratulated Michael personally on such a great effort.  This was before any scores had been tabulated or the winners known.






Here is their whole drill under the command of (about to be promoted to) Corporal Michael Reed.

(Hit the full screen button for best viewing)

Congratulations Michael. Hooah!

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  1. Hardy says:

    I’m as proud of Michael as you are.What dedication and accomplishment in such a short time.Congratulations to Michael!

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