Shark week 2013 drawing to a close

20130801_161834_Sapodilla Dr

This week has been the annual “Shark Week” on the Discovery channel and the kids and I have enjoyed watching the shows at night and conducting our own shark week by day.  Sharks seem to have been a lot of what we’ve caught this year although we have gotten our share of snapper, trout, ladyfish, jacks etc.  Alas, no dolphin this trip even though we had a couple of very nice days on the ocean.

The weather was really good to us this trip as we had almost an entire week of mostly gentle winds.  The past couple days have been more typical of about 15 knots and today and tomorrow are forecasted at 15-20 with a small craft advisory.  So, we’ll be sticking to more protected areas these last couple days.

We also have hit all of our normal haunts on dry land (Hungry Tarpon, Robbies, Lazy Days, Wahoos, Tower of Pizza, Mangrove Mikes and, of course, Lorelei multiple times).

We leave out of here Sunday morning – hopefully after one more amazing sunset at Lorelei on Saturday night.  In any case, it has been another awesome trip.  As I’ve said before, I really, really, love this trip not just for the fishing and fun in the sun on the water but, mostly, because it is absolute immersion time for me with Michael and Allison.  I know I will always treasure these times and I hope they will too.

I’ve uploaded some of the photos to Shutterfly.  You should be able to see them here.

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