One Particular Harbor



Tonight we say farewell to Islamorada again.


I’m always a little sad when I leave this place.  As Jimmy said, this is my “One Particular Harbor”.  But, I really could not live here.  I love NC and actually being here all the time would certainly nullify some of the magic of returning each year.

We figured out that, in Michael’s almost 14 years he has been here now 9 times. Allison 7 times in her 10 years (as of this Wed).  I’ve built some wonderful memories with my kids in this place – some of the best times I’ve had with them.  Probably because, when we are here, we are completely together 24/7 and doing things that we all love to do together.  It just doesn’t get any better than that.

So, tomorrow we will pull away again and I will wonder if we will get the chance to come back – or, even if we do, will it really be the same?  I sometimes feel like this time I have with the kids is slipping away from me at an increasingly rapid pace.  But I know we will always have these memories and we will build more.  They may be different or just more of the same but I’m pretty sure they will continue to be wonderful.




Goodbye, Islamorada. We will miss you.

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