We got into a giant school of Dolphin fish (Mahi-Mahi) yesterday afternoon and caught them until we thought our arms would fall off.



They weren’t huge but these fish are very aggressive and when you get into a school of them like this they can be a real blast on light tackle.  They hit hard, run fast and are aerial acrobats – sometimes jumping seven or eight times on their initial run.  As you can see, they get some pretty good air too.


Most of them were just under legal keeper size but a few were larger and we did keep one and had him for dinner.  In addition to being fun to catch, they are one of the best eating fish as well.  They are also very colorful, especially when in the water.  They light up like neon blue, turquoise, green and yellow lanterns streaking through the clear water.



Before hitting the Dolphin school, we went to the reef for a snorkel and then did the Hungry Tarpon one more time for lunch.  We only have one more day here and then it is farewell again.


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