Home Again

Well, we’re back home after our latest adventure.

On the second day, between thunderstorms, we managed to get out and catch a few more trout and one small red.




BTW – the little place we stayed in Oriental was really neat.  It was right on a small marina with a balcony overlooking the Tiki bar, pool and a little local restaurant.  Perfect little spot for us.IMAG0498




On the third day we checked out of the hotel early and put the boat in the water back up near where the guide had taken us the first day.  We caught a few more trout (one nice keeper which we did this time) but then got cut short when we went out to rescue some folks who had backed into a crab trap in shallow water.

After towing them back in to their dock, we loaded up the boat and took the ferry across the river (really more of a bay) and then down to Beaufort where we had a late lunch.  Then we dropped the boat back in the water down there near Moorehead city and tried again.  After trying several spots in a 20-25 knot wind, we finally rested on a spot under a large bridge where we proceeded to catch a whole menagerie of species including shark, ribbon fish, lizard fish one really nice flounder that Allison snared (more food).



By sunset we were tired and out of bait so I pulled the boat and cleaned the fish on the dock.  We drove out a bit to Havelock and found an inexpensive (but really nice) place to stay the night.  Then, after a breakfast that included pancakes from an automatic pancake machine, we checked out the little military historical site there by the hotel and drove on home.  I’m off now to cook the flounder and trout for dinner.  One more adventure in the books.


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