Halloween was a great success.  Michael went to a party and trick-or-treating with his friends (in a Limo!) and Allison went around the neighborhood with me and a bunch of the other kids from our cul-de-sac, including our new next-door neighbors.  They are a really nice family with two kids and the daughter (just a year older) and Allison seem to be becoming fast friends.

The rain gave us just enough of a respite to allow us to get the trick-or-treating in and then it was party time at one of our other new neighbor’s house.  A great time had by all.DSC_0611

Pumpkin carving activities took place during the week before with Allison and I carving a puppy dog face in her classroom with all the other dads and kids and Michael (who opted for the Alien face) did his own pumpkin completely by himself for the first time.



















Allison was a “Pretty” Witch and Michael,  well, you decide whatever that is…


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