Fun Activities

The past few weeks have seen both Sharon and I embarking on some fun activities with the kids. 

First, a couple weeks ago we had a particularly crisp beautiful morning and Sharon (since she was soon leaving for a return trip to England by herself) wanted to take the kids out for a hike.

They headed to Crowder’s Mountain – a small peak about an hour from our house – and had a grand time (including almost getting lost in the dark).


Next, while Sharon was on said trip back to England, I decided to take advantage of the Veteran’s Day holiday (thanks, again, Dad) and take a quick fishing trip with the kids.  We headed to New Smyrna Beach because it was reachable in a day’s drive and had some potential for good fishing.

DSC_0632As it turns out, the fishing wasn’t stellar due to a cold front arriving with us, but the kids and I still had a grand time.  It wasn’t a total bust as we managed to bag a real menagerie of 12 different kinds of fish (but, alas, no reds or trout).  Allison ended up with two of the most interesting – landing a very nice Jack Crevalle and a small Puffer Fish.  Michael landed lots of fish too – having the most fun with the wildly jumping Ladyfish.







And, finally, with the weather blowing us out on the front end of our fishing trip, we stumbled on another activity.

We went ice skating! (in Florida, no less).

Both kids did incredibly well.  It was Allison’s first attempt and Michael had only been on skates a couple times when he was three or four.  Dad even managed to not break anything.



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