Dolphin (the other kind)



Today we went for Dolphin of a different color – the fish. We actually ran into a few of the mammals too as you’ll see in the video but the real target was the fish.

We’ve been very lucky with pretty calm weather since we’ve been here but the wind is supposed to kick up and we hadn’t had any dolphin luck yet so we went out one last time today to try. Right after we got out to the deep water the wind started to rise which brought the seas up to about 3ft. Not really dangerous as my boat is 18′ long, but can be uncomfortable running with my flat-bottomed flats boat (not really designed for the ocean).

Since we were already out we were okay but we couldn’t run around much if we didn’t find fish quickly. Luckily, we hit a school about 30 seconds after we put the lines in the water and a couple hours and 25 fish later, we decided to go ahead and head in as the ocean was turning to whitecaps. That may be our last chance in the ocean this trip so I’m glad it was so successful.

Here is the video of the dolphin trip. Now we’re off to see if we can catch a late season tarpon…

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