Days 3 and 4


Yesterday, we flew out to a remote stream in the national park that we had to hike about a mile and a half through brush and rough terrain to get to fishable water.  It was strenuous, but very worth it.  We had a great day on small water catching more fish (grayling and small trout) than we could count – all on dry flies.  It was again great weather and a lot of fun.  Dry fly fishing is the ultimate top water action as you have to present the fly just right and then the fish comes rocketing from below to eat it – sometimes coming completely out of the water like a wahoo on the take.


It was the true Alaska experience which was topped off by a very close encounter with a wild bear.  As we were eating lunch we heard a bunch of splashing just upstream from us but behind our backs.  The guide and I were just thinking “I didn’t think there was anyone else out here fishing but us” when Michael turned around and said “Oh my Gosh! That is a huge bear!”

He/she had been walking up the bank on our side of the river apparently and, upon seeing us, hopped into the water to cross to the other side.  It was only about 40’ from us when it crossed and looked as surprised to see us as we were to see it.


Today, we went back up the home river (this time on the plane because a whole bunch of people wanted to go ) where we had caught the huge rainbows a couple of days ago.  We didn’t get any as big as before but had a great day with the head guide of the lodge and caught, again, way too many fish to count but probably around 30 rainbows.

Tomorrow is our last day.  Not sure where we are going yet but it almost doesn’t matter.  I has already been a fantastic trip.

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