Day One and a Half

Well, it doesn’t appear that I can get videos up with only my iPad connected to the web. Too bad cuz I got to try out my new little pocket video recorder today. Very handy for on the boat fishing as I can just reach into my pocket and its ready to go in seconds. It even goes underwater! I tried that a little bit while Michael was catching a fish today but plan to really try it out tomorrow snorkeling on the reef.


We tried for dolphin today but found none so we had lunch at one of our favorite spots on the water and then headed to the “snapper hole”. We got a variety of stuff there but nothing too terribly exciting. Tomorrow we will try dolphin again, snorkel on the reef and then see where we go from there.


(oops, it also appears that portrait pictures don’t work…)



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2 Responses to Day One and a Half

  1. Cyndee says:

    Lovely~next time you need to invite me! I can do the cooking and cleaning in return for gorgeous sunsets and fresh fish 🙂

  2. mom says:

    its almost as good as being there. love, mom

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