Day One

A successful first full day.  The wind kicked up on us a bit making us have to change plans a bit but we still got out to fish and then ended the day at my favorite evening spot down here – Lorelei on the Beach.  Beautiful sunset and delicious crab legs for all.  As she was finishing off her crab, Allison said “Dad, this is the good part of Florida.”  I asked her “what’s the bad part?”  She replied “Nothing!”.  Smile


On the way to dinner we saw something I must share.  I have spent a lot of time on the water in a lot of different places and witnessed a lot of cool wildlife events.  What we saw this evening ranks right up there with the coolest.

As we were driving down a part of the road that runs right by the water I noticed a huge commotion about seven or eight hundred yards offshore.  I stopped the car and we got to watch a HUGE hammerhead shark chase down and devour what looked to me like a permit of probably 30+ lbs.  There is no way to truly gauge it because it was so far away but the dorsal fin on this thing stuck about two feet out of the water and the distance between the dorsal and tail (also thrashing above the water) was at least 6-8 feet.  It had to be a 14-16 foot shark if not bigger.  It was a spectacular show that went on for several minutes with other drivers stopping to see as well.  Not so cool for the fish being eaten but something you just don’t get to see every day (or ever).

It was so far away I didn’t even attempt to take video but here is an account of most of the rest of our day.

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2 Responses to Day One

  1. grammy says:

    what a very special sighting. and what a beautiful sunset and beach front.

  2. Cyndee says:

    You always have such great videos. My fav part was Allison’s little dance at the end. Tell her I said so. How did you get the underwater vid of the shark? Did you jump in right there?

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