Daily report from St. George Island

Today we went meat-hunting.



I had arranged for a local guide for a half-day just to go out and find some fish and pick up on a little of the local techniques.  We didn’t catch a lot of glamorous fish (although I did catch a real nice trout) but we got lots of really good eating ones.  Mostly whiting (two different types) which the guide swore was the best-eating fish in the bay.  I’m still partial to blackened redfish but this stuff was good…



Michael was the star today with the biggest catch.  A really nice black drum that, if we don’t get any eating sized reds tomorrow, I will probably blacken up for dinner.

I broiled the whiting in some butter and lemon with Tony Cachere’s on it and served it with some linguini.  Everyone ate every bite.  It was really good…

I also did something for the first time in my life – I paid someone to clean the fish.  When we got to the dock there was about a 184-year old man there in the truck he got when he was 16 who offered to clean them up for us.  I said “absolutely.”  We followed him to his “cleaning shack” (an apt description) where he proceeded to perform surgery on our catch like I’ve never seen before.  He cleaned filleted and skinned 34 fish in about 14 minutes and didn’t leave a bone behind.  That’s the first time since I was about 6 that anyone else had cleaned my catch but it won’t be the last!

Tomorrow, we’ll see if we can find some Reds and Specks on our own.  I’ll try and check in at the end of the day.  I think we’re going to be blessed with another fabulous weather day so maybe we can catch some more fish too.  Until then, happy sunsets…


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  1. Sharon says:

    So glad you guys had a fabulous day of fishing and fine fish food! 🙂 The sunset is beautiful!

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