Classic Florida

Yesterday we took another break from all-day fishing and did the classic South Florida tourist activity – went to an alligator farm and rode an airboat through the Everglades. For a cheesy tourist attraction, it was actually quite entertaining.

The guy who did the alligator wrestling and feeding was a local college student who was very good and made the show fun.

That alligator is in no-way tame or docile. He really had to stay on his toes to keep from getting grabbed as the thing was constantly snapping and lurching at him.

Our air-boat ride was equally fun. We got a great driver who really played it up and did a great job soaking all of us with water while spinning 360s through the swamp. Great fun.



All in all a great time and something for the kids to file in the “National Lampoon Vacation” box (I have plenty in mine, including a trip to a place just like this one 🙂



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  1. mom says:

    Oh yeah. We did have a lot of fun with the Sommers. Looks like you are creating a great memory bank. Love and Happy Fathers Day. Mom

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