Celebration Weekend


Saturday was Allison’s 13th birthday so we had a custom-designed day by her.

The first item was to try and catch dinner which means either Snapper or Dolphin (mahi).  Since the wind was pretty calm, we decided to give the ocean a try for the Dolphin.


We caught lots of little Amberjack and hit one school of small Dolphin but nothing big enough to eat so we had to shift to plan “B” but first, it was lunch at one of our favorite spots we can drive to in the boat – Lazy Dayz.


After lunch, we ran inshore to one of our sure-fire Snapper spots and got at least a few eating sized fish.  With that accomplished, we headed off to part 3 of the day Allison planned – beaching up the boat in an area where a lot of people raft up and hang out in the shallow water.  They bring chairs, umbrellas, coolers etc.  We even saw a huge inflatable cabana attached to one boat.


After a couple hours of play in the water, we headed home where we finished off the day with fresh cooked fish and a Reese’s ice cream cake (yum).




Sunday was Father’s day so I got to design that day.  We started off by chasing sharks on the flats.  This is actually some of the most fun fishing we do out here as you sight fish for them in very shallow water and have to entice them to take your bait.

We caught several before heading off to another lunch place we can get to on the boat – The Islamorada Fish Company.

The day was capped of by another attempt to hook Michael up to a tarpon and the action was very good.  We jumped off two and had another one grab and spit the bait but, alas, still no Silver Kings to the boat.

We’re not giving up though…

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