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We arrived in Islamorada late yesterday afternoon.  We got unpacked and the boat in the water and settled a bit and then it was dinner time so we headed off to my “One Particular Harbor” of Lorelei on the beach.  You guys have seen much better sunsets than this from this exact vantage point, but, no matter the display nature chooses to reveal, sitting on this little beach with the guy playing Jimmy Buffet in the Tiki bar behind you and having a casual dinner is hard to beat.


Before we headed to my favorite spot, we got settled in our little downstairs cottage.  It’s the same place we’ve been staying for the past three years so the kids are very familiar with it.  We got here and they both said “ah, we’re at our second home”.  Then Allison ran off to arrange her stuffed animals (she brings somewhere on the order of 100 of them with her) on her bed and then check out all the familiar haunts of this wonderful little place.  Chasing land crabs, Iguanas and small lizards around; sitting under the tiki hut, looking for fish under the dock and just generally re-immersing herself in the environment.  It is really wonderful to see.


Michael, now much older than when we started coming here (his age change from 11-15 is more significant than Allison’s from 7-11) also was clearly enjoying himself but in a more relaxed and adult manner.  Man, is he growing up.  Not too much, though, as he still will play with his sister and tell her stories at her urging as they fall asleep (sharing the same small bedroom) just as he always has.  Kids are such creatures of habit and Michael has really got to be the best big brother that ever lived.


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I’m going to try and keep up the blog during this trip but maybe not quite as much as in the past – just because you all have seen it all before – several times now.  I will be posting more frequently with pictures on facebook though because my new phone makes that so easy.  So, watch that medium as well for real-time updates on our adventures in paradise.

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